Begin Your Path to Freedom, Abundance, Prosperity  and Success


Join Glenn Estrabillo, CEO of 1PLUS12, while he is in Kitchener sharing his proven, step by step system on how you too can enjoy the financial success you desire investing in well selected income producing real estate. 


Discover how you too can become a savvy and successful real estate investor with an opportunity that can potentially allow you to retire within the next 5 years, enabling you to spend the rest of your time pursuing your passions, bringing joy to your family & friends and living a life you never thought possible.


Are you ready to experience a profound shift in your beliefs about your skills, abilities and attitudes towards wealth?


Do you want to gain a clear vision of your true purpose and a guidance towards achieving it for yourself, your family and your  community?


Then this seminar is for you. Reserve your spot today!


...Here is what people like you have said after attending the workshop


There is so much I’ve learned that I don’t even know where to start. It certainly took the mystery out of Real Estate Investment. It’s something we’ve been considering for a few years now, but now I can really apply what I have learned and the fear is almost gone, because I know we have some really amazing people behind us that will help us along the way. The best thing is that it was a lot of fun. We were working with numbers, figuring things out - and normally that scares me, but I really, really enjoyed it so Thank you to Glenn and the rest of the group that put this together.
— Patricia A.
There is a level of sophistication in this workshop that gave me the key insights on how to get into Real Estate and how to make money during the period I’m in and what the proper exit strategy is. The specifics really enabled me to know how and what to do with the capital I’m going to now invest, where as before it was all pretty vague. Now I’m very clear on a methodology that I never had any clue existed.
— William N.
This particular workshop is absolutely mind-blowingly different than any education I’ve taken - and I’ve been on the specialized educational track for 3 years and on the court in my life. This workshop has given me the empowerment and freedom to know that to pursue wealth is actually is line with my values. And, it’s what leads me to be able to live a complete, fulfilled life…not just for myself, but for others. AND, you don’t have to do it alone!
— Pauline L.
After this session, I must said WOW! This has changed my vision of my life - in a sense of being an employee. This concept you showed us can make me independent very fast, if I use the tools to build trust and security in life. I must admit, it’s very inventive and I really commend you for that - for building that knowledge, and most importantly, for me, sharing that knowledge. That takes a big man.
— Ali R
What I learned today was really touching; that not only you can benefit from buying these homes... the occupants can benefit. I think that is such a beautiful thing. It makes me happy to get involved so much more, knowing that not only you are benefiting but so are these people that are living there who probably need it just as much as anything else. I thought that was amazing!
— Ashley R.
Besides all the information and techniques that I learned about building wealth in Real Estate, I learned that Attitude is one of the most important things that you have to have to make your goals and dreams come true.
— Maziyar S.
I found very interesting this intergenerational aspect of investing - that you’re not investing and protecting your assets for yourself, but for your children and children’s children, etc and that really speaks to me. I’m came here gathering the knowledge, not just for myself, but so I can get my kids into it. Now when I get this stuff setup, we’ll keep more of what we worked so hard for, for ourselves. There was so many things that I didn’t know that we here covered that will stop money from constantly leaking out.
— Mary M.
I have been to many seminars before, and this is one is where you actually open your mind to more possibilities which equals getting more cash flow in your hand
— Jun P.
I really appreciate your knowledge and information that you are passing down. It’s invaluable. Your presentation was awesome and the whole concept of going through what you explained, for those who paid attention and go step by step and do it, is only a few steps to financial freedom for everybody. Even those people loosing their homes, not only can now keep their homes, but have a better future - it’s amazing and I love that you are so passionate about the whole thing.
— Mehnaz M.
This is the best value seminar I’ve ever been to in my entire life. I learned so much! From analyzing deals to structuring to the possibilities that exist in here - I’m so greatful to Glenn and everybody else who was involved. This has just been a real eye opener for me. So Thank you.
— Mark M.
I thought I had good ideas... I picked up a lot of better ideas at this workshop that are going to benefit me, benefit my family, benefit my partners, benefit the home buyers, benefit everybody. But its not just related to Real Estate, I can expand it other ways too.
— Christine G.
Real Estate for many successful people is the key component around which other streams of income are managed. Good management and development of this key were skillfully discussed as Glenn Estrabillo delivered great clarity on methods that minimize risk in the present troubled state of the world economy. This was an excellent workshop with the promise of more to come.
— Lawrey S
This was a seminar that delivered more than promised. Not only did we learn about investing in real estate where everyone in the deal wins, we also worked through an exercise to release the blocks to our dreams. Yahooo!
— Susane S
 Still have questions? Click here for answers. Listen to Glenn on "Ask the Experts" Radio Show

Still have questions? Click here for answers. Listen to Glenn on "Ask the Experts" Radio Show