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“Without hesitation I credit Glenn Estrabillo’s leadership with where my career is today. I work as a senior corporate trainer; leading workshops and coaching senior business-people. Glenn listens to his clients and is able to work with them to discern what they really want/need in a given situation. While it seems that Glenn has moved on from the particular kind of coaching and development work that we did together, I know that in any business engagement Glenn would use be a great partner. ”

Mark Cosgrove
Director of Instruction
Dale Carnegie Training – Hong Kong

“Glenn Estrabillo is a very special human being. I have the privilege to be coached by Glenn in many leadership programs and in real estate investing. Each time Glenn was able to help me distinguished what stopped me in producing the results I wanted, and overcome my barriers. Within 6 months of Glenn’s coaching, I went from knowing nothing of real estate to owning my first investment property. I did not only become a real estate investor but most importantly, this experience had me knowing myself as someone that can create something from nothing, regardless of my circumstances.”


Susan Halim
Supply Chain Engineer

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“Glenn Estrabillo is one of those extraordinary human beings that settles for nothing less than what’s possible. He has challenged me over the years to go far beyond what I thought possible including authoring a book that has won a major international award. My business has skyrocketed as a result. Glenn is a gift and a privlege to work with. Highly recommended.”  

Jamie Broughton
Author of The Emerging Leader

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“I had the privilege of being coached by Glenn Estrabillo. He provided leadership in a way that had me want to be better and to stretch myself to produce expanded results. He had a way of believing in my greatness before I saw it in myself, but when I got it for myself, I soared. He coached me when I was out of work and was heartfelt and rigorous at the same time. He had me producing results I couldn’t have believed and it resulted in me landing a job where I was making more money then I had ever made, and I haven’t looked back. Glenn has left a lasting impact on my life.”


Cheryl Parker
Project Leader

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“Glenn Estrabillo has committed himself to making an extraordinary difference in peoples lives. I was participating in a leadership program Glenn was leading. Glenn has this ability to hear what is in the way for someone who is stopped in a particular area, then get clear on what they are committed to and then have them create unprecedented results.”

David Binns
Keller Williams 

“Glenn Estrabillo is one of the most business savvy people I have ever encountered in my life. Coming from a place of wisdom and passion for people, Glenn delivers results that serve the humanity at large. Being coached by Glenn helped me move from a place of confusion and disempowerment to taking charge of both business and relationships, and creating a life that I love. Thank you, Glenn, for your commitment and determination. You do make a difference.”


Daniela Aradanov
PEng, CEO and Founder
All of You Lifestyle Company Ltd.

“If I can count 5 people who have made such a huge impact on my business and life, Glenn Estrabillo is one of them He is a great coach, with high integrity and always live by example. The first time I heard him speak about him being financially free and doing what he loves to do, I knew I had to follow his footsteps. I listened to him, I learned from him and I know that I am on the right track”

Patrick Bizindavyi
Goal Achievers Canada

“Glenn Estrabillo is someone who is honest, integrous and full of life. He is someone who gives people the opportunity to share themselves and to create results for themselves. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Glenn and as a result he has made a profound and lasting difference in the way I listen to people and work with them.”


Jen Weisz
Account Supervisor, List Processing Services
Cornerstone Group of Companies

“Glenn Estrabillo is an “empowerer”, someone who consistently and reliably listens for the best in others. Glenn is highly effective at elevating the performance of those around him. He operates with a high level of integrity, is easygoing, and is a pleasure to work with."


Ian Lipton
Chief Operating Officer
The Carbon Accounting Company, Green Hotels Global & Green Ride Global Inc.

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“Glenn Estrabillo has the extraordinary ability to present the knowledge that gives me the personal and professional growth to rise and play at the higher level. With Glenn’s knowledge, passion and commitment to people’s transformation, I gained the vision of global challenges with the understanding that fear is only excitement. Glenn Estrabillo is the one that will give you the knowledge to have in demand what you want in life and have you step into the world of Elites.”


Clotilde Anne-Marie Friedmann
SaiSays Connect The Omnivers at the Touch of Finger 

“Glenn Estrabillo is one of the finest men I have ever met. He is a proven results producer, and has achieved success in Real estate, Transformational Consulting, and business management. He is also coachable, and that has been one of his keys to being a success and a top-flight coach himself. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Nicky Billou
The CEO Health Coach

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“If you want DIFFERENCE made into ACTION and HAVE real results for yourself or your life…dreams or business – Glen Estrabillo is a leader in working with you to have you get to the source of YOU MOVING FORWARD! ” 


Irma Paredes
CEO of Creando Puentes
Hispanic Women Network

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“Glenn Estrabillo is a results producer hands down. He’s relentless in his pursuit of making a difference for whoever it is that he happens to be talking to in that moment. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with him the way I did. He’s completely changed the dynamic of my life.” 



Scott DeStephanis 
Registration Fulfillment Manager 
Landmark Education

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“Glen Estrabillo has one of the highest levels of integrity in a person that I’ve ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to both produce results quick and be relaxed about it, making the entire experience of creating great results a really enjoyable and fulfilling one.” 


Misha Allard 
Chef of Canadian Sales & Communications

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“Glenn Estrabillo is an honorable person that will deliver everything he says and more. I have full confidence in Glenn’s ability to deliver on what he says he will, by the time he said he would. It really is my pleasure to endorse Glenn and I give my endorsement of Glenn, fully with no concerns, constraints, apprehension or doubts. It has been a pleasure working with Glenn and watching him flourish in every endeavor he is apart of. In every interaction with Glenn I always am left with that I’m in good hands.”

Adam Reed
Operations Manager
Little Geeks Foundation

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“Glenn Estrabillo has impressed me by his ability to listen to what is really wanted and needed and provide it with patience and persistence until it is delivered. His great sense of humor adds to the fun of producing results and brought me great satisfaction and joy!” 

Danielle St-Georges
Consultant & Project Director
Gagné Leclerc Groupe Conseil

“Glenn Estrabillo is an exceptional Leader in everything that he does. He is energetic, insightful, a great motivator and a Team Player with everyone that he meets. Having Glenn on your team is a Guarantee for Success.” 


Patrick McLeod
Former Mr. Universe

“Glenn Estrabillo is someone impacts the lives of those around him and is committed to others achieving goals beyond their wildest dreams. Where there is a will there is a way and Glenn can assist anyone in finding their way with the utmost integrity and passion.” 


Kim Smith
Service Manager / Sales
Laser Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

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“With ease and great pleasure, I want to recommend Glenn Estrabillo’s efforts to anyone who is looking to do business with Glenn. Glenn lives from a place of integrity, professionalism, passion, and entrepreneurialism in every aspect of his life. His style is engaging and he is a man I trust. If you choose to work with Glenn, you need to be ready for one of the best rides of your life….”

Jeff Wedge
BMO Talent Management