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What happens when you gather a successful Engineer, Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Lawyer, Lender, Breakthrough Performance Coach – all in one room???


You have an eye opening, info-rich, unforgettable experience.

What happens when you spend 2 days with them?


Your financial future alters, beyond what you thought was possible.


We call it our Pre-Qualified Investor Partner Real Estate Investment Training Workshop and it is presented by members of the Council @1PLUS12. Discover our proven method of producing, protecting and perpetuating wealth, while covering:


  • Investing in Real Estate - As a Business

  • Local & International Asset Protection Strategies

  • Private Mortgage Investing - Syndication, REITs, Private Lending

  • Optimized Tax Strategies for Business, Real Estate & Investments



An Introduction to the AXIOM EXPERIENCE – A 5 Year Curriculum For Freedom, Prosperity & Abundance.


The fee for this packed 2 day workshop is $2250 CAD per person. Payment is due first day of workshop.


There is no risk to you because of our uncommon guarantee.


Here is how it works:


In the event you don't believe you have learned anything new that will impact your financial life, positively (in other words, for the better) by noon on the first day, you simply let us know and we won't process your payment. 


Questions? Call 1 855 447 5888