Saturday September 7th - Sunday September 8th 2019

from 10:08 AM to 5:08 PM


Presented by: Council members of 1PLUS12, an international investment training company that exists to develop people into financially independent & free human beings. With decades of experience producing, protecting and perpetuating sustainable wealth with select groups of qualified investment partners, the council will uncover for you an uncommon approach that may enable you to reach your financial goals sooner.


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  • Intro on what you can expect through out the weekend

  • Who is 1PLUS12?

  • How to build a financial portfolio which produces consistent (positive) returns

  • How to stay predictably ahead of the downturn in the market

  • How private investment pools are producing secure returns (capital security)

  • How Banks continually profit

  • How financial advisers / stock brokers really operate

  • How to make use of an effective Due Diligence process

  • The difference between Market Risk vs. Investment Risk

  • Case Study: Uncommon Tax Strategy for Correct Estate Planning



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  • How to reduce your tax liability

  • How to always secure invested capital

  • How to effectively regain lost capital

  • Using the RRSP correctly

  • The Savvy Organizational structure

  • How to make money in real estate without owning real estate
    (... and not by flipping!)

  • How to get access to the 1PLUS12 Council & their uncommon deals



Price: $88 (tax included, per person) for both days, due upon arrival.

We only accept CASH, CHECK, VISA and MasterCard.



Location: Corporate Center @ CHSI (Conference Room)
5110 Creekbank Rd, Mississauga. Parking is Free.



Questions? or call 1-855-447-5888