Crystal Lengua from The Property Show interviews corporate sponsor and CEO of 1PLUS12 Glenn Estrabillo with these following great Questions:

0:23 - Who is Glenn Estrabillo and what is his background?

5:36 - What is 1PLUS12 and what is it that is being offered to people?

6:51 - Why "1PLUS12"? 

8:45 - How does 1PLUS12 ensure their clients implement and take action on the direction they are given?

10:18 - What is 1PLUS12 investing in right now that most investors are missing, either they just don't know about it or don't know how to do it?

12:25 - Why should people come to The Property Show?

13:57 - If people can't make it to the show, how can people get access & benefit from what you offer?

15:30 - Is 1PLUS12's target audience people who already have money, sitting to invest? 

16:31 - What does one do to become one of the 12?


Join Glenn Estrabillo @ the 1PLUS12 Lifestyle Lounge

Saturday, 18 October 2014 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Hyatt Regency Toronto

370 King St W
Toronto, ON

Learn from Glenn as he will be sharing the uncommon approach to win/win/win investing that can enable you to potentially retire in 5 years or less.


  • The current economic trends for succesful investing in North and Central America

  • Asset Protection Strategies Critical to Sustaining Intergenerational Wealth in the Business of Investing in Real Estate.

  • How to Beat the Bank by becoming your own Bank using Leveraged Financing and partnering with CRA

  • Optimized Legal & Tax Strategies for Investing in Canada, US & The World

Also, as the official sponsors to the 2014 Property Show, Glenn Estrabillo invites you into the 1PLUS12 Lifestyle Lounge where you will be able to hang out with the team intimately, indulge in some complimentary snacks & beverages, enjoy a relaxing chair massage and walk away with other free goodies.

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use promo code "1PLUS12" and register

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