Learn the Fortune-Amassing Principles Proven for over  6,000 Years!

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Have you ever wondered if there exists a set of guiding principles that teach how best to: 

Lead your life?

Protect and grow your money?

To one day live in prosperity and peace of mind?

They truly do exist. And in fact have existed for 6,000 years — originating in ancient Babylon. George S. Clason’s inspirational book The Richest Man in Babylon is a simple, classic instruction for prosperity. A staple piece for any personal development student, this book goes far beyond any other. Upon reading, you’ll immediately know how to best use these wealth building principles and apply them in today’s economy, with modern investment tools, and today’s money habits.

  • Arkad, The richest man in Babylon first teaches you the “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse” — the seven timeless truths to amassing a great fortune.
  • You’ll discover how the Goddess of Good Luck will frequent your life.
  • Arkad reveals the Five Laws of Gold, as he states, “Gold is reserved for those who know its laws and abide by them.”
  • Then, once you have the tools to find new prosperity, you’ll learn how best to protect it.
  • Last, you’ll meet the Luckiest Man in Babylon and learn how he “made his own luck.”

During your journey through Babylon, you’ll meet the extraordinarily wealthy as well as the poor and destitute — all teaching you about your own life, every step of the way: Almost magically, this tale offered an understanding of — and a solution to — personal financial problems, no matter who read its prose.



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