Questions & Answers from "Ask the Experts" May 17, 2014.:

0:45 - Who is 1PLUS12 & What is your mission?
1:01 - Who is Jonathane Ricci what his mission?
1:24 - Are Canadians really in trouble with debt these days?
1:48 - When did Glenn begin investing in the US?
2:25 - How does the current Canadian "Debt to Income Ratio" compare to US's in 2006/07?
2:39 - How is 1PLUS12 positioning itself in this current market?
3:00 - When was 1PLUS12 formed and what services does it offer?
4:30 - Why do you need to consider certain legal issues before building wealth?
5:45 - Is it worth taking the chance to borrow money from your house to invest in other real estate?
8:01 - What does one need to know to when borrowing money from your home to invest?
11:35 - What are the legal ramifications and/or structures when borrowing money to invest? 
13:00 - What are some destroyers one should protect their capital from? 
14:30 - What can people expect  to learn from attending one of your seminars?
16:04 - What are the top 5 indicators to analyze for a certain geographic region?
22:00 - Can you get started investing in real estate with less than 25% down?
24:12 - What should you know about pooling money with friends and family?
25:05 - What will seasoned investors learn from attending 1PLUS12's workshop?
29:00 - Why is liability protection important for cross border investing?
31:50 - Who can one talk to before getting started investing in real estate?
33:08 - What is the importance of how to hold title of assets?
34:38 - Everyone is talking about investing in the US now, how about Canada?
35:12 - What are the current trends to look out for when investing in Canada?
37:30 - What is meant by WIN/WIN/WIN strategy?
38:50 - What are some legal considerations to make before investing in the US?
39:50 - Why should one attend the next TriCityWealthWorkshop?

Glenn Estrabillo, CEO of 1PLUS12 with Jonathane Ricci, Legal Council were asked to be on 570 News "Ask The Experts" with Dave Callander in Kitchener on May 17, 2014.

570 News "Ask The Experts" with Dave Callander opens up the lines and invites listeners to call in and ask questions about the risks and rewards of investing in real estate, how to get setup and started, and treating it us as business vs hobby, etc...

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