Have you ever wanted to experience what it's like to come out of nowhere and take an industry by storm?

Build a successful, multi-million dollar real estate investment business with raving clients, everywhere and anywhere you go?

Do you want to learn by direct experience from a fast paced group of serial entrepreneurs  and industry leaders partnered in companies that are making a real difference with people all over the world?

Then keep reading, because we here at 1PLUS12 are on a constant lookout for the right people with the right attitude, skills, and a fierce ability to empower an executive team with high level priorities. 


The position we are looking to fill is for a three, six or nine month non-paid Internship as an Assistant to the Council Executives.


Hours are flexible and you may have the option to work from home for the majority of the time. 

After successfully completing the internship program, an opportunity for a full time paid position with 1PLUS12 or our partners, may be offered.


Are you the young professional we are looking for?

  • You want to create high level connections with industry VIPs, and pursue your passion for being an entrepreneur, or high level executive in the business of real estate and investing 

  • You love special events, providing outstanding customer service and have an outgoing, positive attitude which is critical to building and nurturing relationships
  • You are interested in potential future employment prospects with partners, clients and a whole network of business professionals that we offer

  • You want to have a breakthrough in your finances and future wealth building opportunities

  • You are looking to gain very valuable experience that many pay thousands of dollars for

  • You have excellent in communication (verbal and written) skills and are fluent in English
  • You are detail oriented with excellent planning and problem solving skills
  • You would love at least 3 powerful recommendations on your resume

  • You are passionate about personal discovery, development & growth
  • You are a fresh graduate or are about to complete a degree/diploma
  • You have the mobility and flexibility for international travel 
  • You have an innovative mind and are a self-starter
  • You posses excellent social and networking skills
  • You have strong research and analytical skills
  • You enjoy steep learning curve environments
  • You are able to work effectively in a team
  • You are a creative independent thinker
  • You have strong organisational skills

  • You are currently residing in Toronto

We combine unique work that makes a real difference with an unmatched intellectual experience.

1PLUS12, an International Real Estate Investment Services and Training Company, head-quartered in Toronto, is becoming one of the biggest names in the Real Estate Investing, Personal Growth and Online Training & Education Industry thanks to our unique company culture that encourages partners to travel, learn, profit, and grow.


What you can expect to learn by working with us

  • Advanced knowledge about being an entrepreneur as you will be working with the top leaders in the company.

  • Personal development given 1PLUS12's natural focus on personal growth and self-actualization.

  • 1PLUS12's scientifically proven and industry-leading learning & marketing models.

  • Systematized and process-oriented models of thinking, planning and acting

  • MBA level program delivery of intermediate knowledge on:

    • Collaborative Organizational Functions

    • Investing in Real Estate as a Business

    • Commercial Banking & Finance

    • Business Administration 

    • International Living

    • Future Planning

We do everything differently

We don't have a position for you to fill.
Instead, we will listen for what you are exceptional at, and have you master it. Then we will go from there.

We don't want to see your resume, all we ask is that you just answer a few questions.

Once your application is reviewed and you are shortlisted, we will arrange live interview with a member of the council that you may be working with.


Final Words

If you are enthusiastic about a positive life, you have definitely come to the right platform to begin that journey. Here you will have the opportunity to explore, learn, contribute, grow and most importantly be surrounded by successful people. If you are looking to gain valuable event experience, benefit form complimentary attendance to special events, and obtain a corporate reference in any of these roles stipulated above, grow your list of referrals with a highly respected group of business leaders, we would love for you to join us and work alongside outstanding professionals here in Toronto and around the globe.

1PLUS12 Internship Opportunity in the business of Real Estate Investment