1PLUS12 is an international investment training company that exists to develop people into financially independent & free human beings. With decades of experience producing, protecting and perpetuating sustainable wealth with select groups of qualified investment partners, the council may uncover for you an uncommon approach that can potentially enable you to reach your financial goals sooner. .  Founded in 2013 by a council with over 50+ combined years of investment and entrepreneurial experience, 1PLUS12 takes a unique, uncommon approach to investing by integrating, real estate investing, entrepreneurism, economics, finance, philosophy, leadership & organizational development with a view for elevating the character of each client.


Our investment strategies consist of utilizing local and international real estate, modified financing, optimized legal & tax strategies while simultaneously ensuring the lifestyle and legacy requirements of our qualified partners are met. 1PLUS12 partners only with qualified families who have progressed through a precise application process that maximizes the dignity of the individual, establishes security and establishes a condition for optimal performance.

The sustainable Production, Protection and Perpetuation of wealth requires an uncommon approach to investing and entrepreneurship that many people struggle just to identify, let alone learn and apply.

1PLUS12 directly addresses 3 unanswered questions that are the cause of many of these struggles. 

  • How do I actually invest in real estate correctly? 

  • How do I automate my cash flow? 

  • How do I create real, sustainable, generational wealth? 

Having created products and services that answer these questions 1PLUS12 eliminates the 3 systemic flaws that are pervasive throughout the investment education sector today. 

  • Poor to no accountability structures. 

  • Outdated, ineffective coaching and mentoring programs that leave the blind leading the blind. 

  • Little to no integration of the skill sets that every successful investor and entrepreneur posses. 

The systemic flaws are addressed by our easy to follow programs which enable participants to learn through direct personal experience, while being guided each step of the way by the 1PLUS12 Team.

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